Our titles, websites, media, programs and resources


Charles Linden Media has access to over 2000 items of printed and digital media, programs and other resources under license by Charles Linden Creative Ltd, the holding company for Charles Linden’s products.

Our aim is to provide sufferers with everything they could ever need to feel reassured, nurtured and happy in the knowledge that their anxiety disorder is being dealt with by a professional group of specialists who have the knowledge, experience and credentials to provide what they need, when they need it.

The Linden products include:

  1. The Linden Method English Version
  2. The Linden Method German Version
  3. The Linden Method French Version
  4. The Linden Method Danish Version
  5. The Linden Method Spanish Version
  6. The Linden Method Workshop DVD set
  7. The Charles Linden Mentoring DVD set
  8. The Linden Method Apps. on iTunes– 11 apps
  9. The TLM Coaching Accreditation Programs (NCFE & Conversion)
  10. The Anxiety Recovery Retreats training materials
  11. The Anxiety Recovery Workshops training materials
  12. The corporate delivery stress and anxiety recovery program materials
  13. Journey out of Agoraphobia programme
  14. Panic Attack Eliminator programme
  15. Conquer anxiety and panic attacks DVD
  16. Conquer agoraphobia DVD
  17. Conquer derealisation and depersonalization DVD
  18. Conquer panic attacks DVD
  19. Conquer OCD DVD
  20. Cure anxiety and panic attacks DVD
  21. Cure agoraphobia DVD
  22. Cure derealisation and depersonalization DV
  23. Cure panic attacks DVD
  24. Cure OCD DVD
  25. Stress Free in 30 Days Book and CD
  26. Stress Free in 30 Days TV series
  27. The 5 visualization audios/CDs
  28. … and more – List available on request

Linden Method websites

These websites are all well established and also populated with bespoke content. This list is by no means complete. We have many inactive domains reserved. We also own a further group of websites that represent satellite sites and reserved keyword related domains.

  1. www.thelindenmethod.co.uk
  2. www.anxietyrecoveryretreat.com
  3. www.anxietyrecoveryretreat.co.uk
  4. www.panic-anxiety.com
  5. www.panicandanxiety.com OUR BLOG
  6. www.lindenmethodanxietyrecovery.com
  7. www.charles-linden.com
  8. www.charleslinden.tv
  9. www.linden-method.com
  10. www.charleslindenmethodreviews.com
  11. www.lindenmethod.com
  12. www.thelindenmethod.com
  13. www.linden-method-canada.com
  14. www.linden-method-australia.com
  15. www.angst-panikattacken.com
  16. www.linden-methode-deutschland.com
  17. www.npadnews.com
  18. www.stopworry.com
  19. www.lindenmethodcoaching.com
  20. www.lindenmethodcoaches.com
  21. www.lindenrecovery.org.uk
  22. www.panic-attacks.org.uk
  23. www.anxiety-uk.org.uk
  24. www.uk-ocd.org
  25. www.lindenrecovery.org
  26. www.stress-less.tv
  27. www.stressfreein30daysbook.com/
  28. www.charleslindenfoundation.com
  29. www.karmamind.com
  30. www.anxietyandpanicattacksfreedom.com – ONLINE SHOP
  31. www.thelindenmethodmobile.com
  32. www.anxietyandpanicattacksrecovery.com
  33. www.lindenrecovery.org
  34. www.agoraphobia-cure.com
  35. www.agoraphobia-uk.org
  36. www.agoraphobia-usa.org
  37. www.ansiedad-attaques-panico-amercias.com
  38. www.ansiedad-attaques-panico.com
  39.  www.anxiety-attacks-uk.org
  40. www.anxiety-attacks-usa.org
  41. www.anxiety-panic-attacks-phobias.co.uk  FORUM

Other online media

  1. Over 100 YouTube videos with millions of views
  2. Hundreds of other videos in a resources vault
  3. Soundcloud.com audio
  4. Vimeo.com video content
  5. Training video and audio recordings to use online
  6. Over 20,000 graphics, ads, documents, articles, logos, press releases etc.
  7. Facebook – Charles Linden account Anxiety Recovery Retreat account The Linden Method account Linden Method Germany account Linden Method Coaching account
  8. LinkedIn account
  9. Twitter accounts for Charles Linden – Linden Method Coaching – Anxiety Recovery Retreats
  10. A massive resource of press releases, scripts, reports, articles, graphics for ads and other anxiety disorder documents.
  11. 2 more self-help books – works in progress (nearly finished)