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Millions of people believe they are psychotic

Secretly, millions of people around the world and tens of thousands in the UK alone are living each day with murderous, sexual and obscene thoughts about the people around them but most never tell for fear of recrimination.

The mind is a powerful tool but for some it is also the source of a secret world they occupy, but which they never mention; living day after day or sometimes even a lifetime of fear, doubt and self-loathing.

People who experience these thoughts can be of any age, young children not understanding why the feel like they want to harm someone, grandparents avoiding their families for fear that they may do something inappropriate or violent to one of them.

These people change their lifestyles in order to avoid the people who have become the subject of their thoughts and most never speak of their secret world for fear of recrimination or being side-lined as ‘crazy’ or weird.

Whilst many of these people seek help for the anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD or PTSD they also experience, many never mention the, often horrifying, thoughts and scenarios that run through their minds.

Often these thoughts focus on loved ones, partners, parents, children, siblings, teachers or co-workers and the sufferer responds to the thoughts by withdrawing in fear that they may carry out their thoughts. In many cases, the thoughts give rise to massive peaks in anxiety levels, panic attacks and even the development of agoraphobia.

Commonly, heterosexual people worry about their sexuality and find themselves fixated on thoughts about homosexual acts… even, sometimes, with family members. Whether the sufferer’s thoughts are sexual, aggressive, religious or otherwise, the psychological effect can be catastrophic, anxiety provoking and frightening.

Many who have admitted these thoughts to their families, doctors or psychologists have been hospitalised, medicated and even sectioned under the mental health act, but most continue about their lives never understanding the true source and meaning of them.

Charles Linden runs an organisation employing counselling psychotherapists and psychologists to administer a structured program called The Linden Method but since developing his program, he has become an internationally recognised anxiety disorder recovery expert and his programs are now referred to and endorsed by doctors, psychologists, academics and many thousands of cured ex clients.

Charles says:

“I am not a psychologist or a counsellor, I am an ex sufferer who tells his story and since I started telling my story in 1997, sufferers have been able to use my materials and media to mimic what I did to recover from, what I was told would be a lifetime of anxiety, OCD, agoraphobia and panic disorder in days. We employ our Specialists to assist clients to do what I did and produce the most incredible results and since 1997 we have helped in excess of 160,000 people to recover through the Home Learning, Residential Retreat and Corporate recovery programs.

These horrendous thoughts aren’t what most sufferers, doctors or psychologists would believe them to be; they are not sourced in mental illness or psychosis and despite being frightening to the sufferer, they are the sign of a healthy mind, not a sick one. I had these thoughts too, on and off throughout my life till I was 27 and when I speak to sufferers directly through my webinars or at our Retreats, telling them the truth about these and other thoughts and symptoms, the relief they experience is often positively overwhelming and emotional. It’s why I love what I do, it’s why we all at the centres and Retreats love what we do because we watch people’s lives change.”

Charles Linden and his team have helped people from every corner of the world and Charles has helped sports-people, actors, musicians and people from every background, race and religion both in the UK and across the USA and the rest of the world. Charles also practices in Harley Street and travels to California to see clients and hold group sessions. People come from all over the world to the Anxiety Recovery Retreats including many famous faces. Thousands of testimonials from satisfied clients stand in testimony to those changed lives.

Recently, Fashion’s Jemma and Jodie Kidd, Birds of a Feather actress and Loose Women, Linda Robson, Coronation Street’s Kate Ford, Best selling author and Vogue Editor Plum Sykes and singer Will Young’s brother Rupert and many others have spoken out publicly about how Charles Linden, The Linden Method or the Retreats have changed their lives.

Hay House publishing, who publish Charles’ works say

“Charles Linden is the world’s most influential authority on anxiety.”

The Times Newspaper says:

“Charles Linden… the Allen Carr of anxiety.”

“This pandemic needs to be tackled and tackled quickly, it’s social, health and financial impact is weighing heavily on UK and world economy. Sufferers need to understand their condition and receive the correct support, guidance and structures to bring about recovery… management and coping is never an acceptable strategy. When people understand their condition fully from an ex sufferer’s perspective, the relief they immediately experience is the springboard for very fast recovery.” Charles Linden
Charles Linden can be contacted through his management at the UK Linden Centre on (+44)01562 742004. Contact Jo Goodchild.

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